Tuesday, 12 October 2021

To NOUN New Students Issues of Portal Error And The likes

 To NOUN New Students Issues of Portal Error And The likes. 

Something happened last semester with the TMA/TEST. Students submitted their tmas, but due to NOUN website issues, it bounced back multiple times. Students had to submit their Tmas over and over again. Those who were not aware of the bounce back, failed their courses. That's one of the reasons for massive failures when the total results were released this semester. NOUN portal is new and students have been experiencing lots of issues with the portal/website.
There are many reasons for this.

1. The portal is new and it is still been developed day by day.
2. I believethose who are managing the portal are not competent enough, they are employed based on nepotism, man know man and tribalism. Which is the Nigerian factor.
3.It has a limited bandwidth, it is not enough to host the data of over 1 million and more students Nationwide.
4. NOUN management is been economical with funds.Despite the fact that they make billions from school fees every semester. They ought to allocate enough funds for the website, in order to have a stable and perfect website/portal, and also employ highly competent hands.
5. The portal is designed in an analog manner. As a cyber security analyst and a computer scientist, I know this a fact.


What NOUN had during tenebe time was a digital website and portal managed by cyber space ICT firm, until NOUNMIS took over the management of the portal and created what we have now. My advice to new students: Some of you may not have the time to handle your Tmas this semester. If you decide to give it to someone to submit it for you, endeavour to cheak it over and over again to be sure its well submitted, to avoid failure this semester. Many final year students carried over some courses due to portal error last semester. I had to encourage them to register the courses again and do their best to graduate as soon as possible.


There are many things wrong with NOUN, including poor coordination. You are just here to Bag a degree, don't let those issues weigh you down. Find a way to navigate through the issues till you graduate. Every Federal university has its own challenges..

One of the ways you can scale through NOUN issues is to stay informed. Information such as this one, is very key. You should know that the portal has issues, therefore, always check your Tmas every semester, to be sure it's well submitted and if it bounces back, ensure that the person doing it for you submits it again, else, you will carry over your courses. Exam without properly submitted TMA is F9.
  NOUN portal has issues, be aware of this and be ready to Patch it up till you graduate. The massive failures of last semester was due to TMA submission error, and the ICT department NOUNMIS has refused to take responsibility for their failure and mistakes. If not, the results ought to be reviewed.
  There are many students complaining about their last semester results, that's why I am making this known to the new students, so that they will know the right thing to do during TMAs and bounce back errors. Some old students send me messages and tell me to please take down some of my posts about NOUN issues, that it is too revealing. Its because you lack empathy, you have no idea the pain alot of students experience in NOUN due to uncoordinated system and dysfunction website. When I reveal some things about NOUN, my posts are not meant for you,. They are meant to guide my students on how to scale through NOUN and Graduate successfully without spending an extra year.
So, if you have nothing to contribute to reduce the pain of students in NOUN, stay away from my inbox. Its not everyone that has the Gift of empathy.. My posts are not meant to degrade NOUN, but to make NOUN management to sit up and do better. My last post and article about a particular NOUN issue 4 years ago made The VC to change and reshuffle many study centre staff, and I saw lots of improvements after that. I am not shaking this table the way I ought to; I am been considerate. If not, it will be affecting a lot of NOUN staff.

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