Wednesday, 4 March 2020

How to Remove Negative Balance On Noun Portal

How to Remove Negative Balance

Log in to your portal go to your e-wallet  and click the View Wallet you will see Payment Audited all your RRR payments details.

In order for you to be sure everything is working, each time you refresh the page scroll down and check under the Total Expenditure Wallet balance , Negative Balance is reducing, continue refreshing it until everything out.

If you have done this and its still showing negative balance , First try to know if the previous attempts you made decreased the negative balance if it worked and got stuck on a particular amount, just log out from your portal & login again to refresh the system, go back to View Wallet refresh again.

Get all your Remita payment codes (RRR) under your wallet transactions please crosscheck if all the payment codes are reflecting inside your portal, if you notice any missing RRR payment code, try to add it back to your wallet

Re-credit your Wallet balance if the payment is not reflecting, Click on ewallet, select Credit RRR link from the drop down link

In the next page please enter the code inside the  box and proceed, This should solve the issue
If you have refresh your wallet page, and on most cases reload your RRR yet the negative balance is still appearing on your  portal, try to visit your study centre with all your Remita payment, go to the IT office in your study centre for help.

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