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How to Check NYSC Senate List for NOUN Exclusion Letter Collection

How to Check NYSC Senate List for NOUN Exclusion Letter Collection
  1. Visit the NYSC Website >
    Don’t copy/paste the nysc website URL. It is too long that you could miss-out words when copied. Just click on the link and go from there.NYSC PORTAL Homepage.png
  3. On the uploaded senate approved List page, select from the given option – BATCH, PROGRAMME, INSTITUTION, and ACCREDITED COURSES
    It must be followed accordingly. You can’t jump from the BATCH field to INSTITUTION or PROGRAMME to the ACCREDITED COURSES.
  4. For the BATCH field
    You can only select from Batch A, 2018 and above. BATCH B  SELECTION FOR NOUN NYSC LIST .png
  5. For the PROGRAMME field, choose 1ST DEGREE (UNIVERSITY)
    Note that the nysc webpage always reloads for every selection you made.PROGRAMME SELECTION ON NYSC WEBSITE .png
    For a quick search, type the N letter word on your keyboard to show all NYSC approved universities beginning with the letter N, and choose NOUN from the option.NOUN UNIVERSITY SELECTION ON NYSC OFFICIAL WEBSITE .png
  7. Choose from the provided LIST OF ACCREDITED COURSES
    We will use computer science as an example. You can use this same procedure for every other Noun course.NOUN NYSC LIST OF ACCREDITED COURSES .png
  8. Then, click the ‘EXTRACT PCM’ green button to display all NYSC Approved Senate List due for the collection of NOUN exclusion letter
    You must have completed all form fields before selecting the NYSC EXTRACT PCM button.EXTRACT PCM TO SHOW NOUN NYSC APPROVED SENATE LIST.png
  9. There you have it. The NOUN NYSC Uploaded Senate Approved List
    You can use the available search space (at the top of the status column) to quickly search your name on the list. NOUN NYSC UPLOADED APPROVED SENATE LIST BATCH A.png

The status column will show YET TO REGISTER when you have not done the NYSC Registration and will display REGISTERED for students who have completed the NYSC Online Registration process.

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