Saturday, 2 March 2019

NOUN 2019_1 POP Draft Timetable

Kindly find attached the 2019_1 POP Draft timetable and please note the following:
1. This draft is subject to change based on feedback received from major stakeholders. Only the final timetable which will be released two weeks to the commencement of the exams will be used in the exams administration.

2. All comments, feedback and observations within a Study Centre should be collated by the Student Counselors or any other Staff delegated by the SCD and compiled for onward submission to the DEA.

3. Kindly report clashes and possible omissions of any examinable course from the draft. For claritytwo or more courses are said to clash if they are courses belonging to same programme, same level and semester and are scheduled same time on the timetable. Courses belonging to different semesters, levels and programmes are not considered to clash if they are scheduled for the same time on the timetable

4. All comments, observations and feedback should reach the DEA not later than 4PM on Tuesday 5th March, 2019. No further input will be accepted when the final timetable is released.
Thank you.

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