Friday, 31 August 2018

What All Noun Students Need To Do As The Portal Reopen for 2018_2 session

In few days time the portal will be refreshed and individual students will need to do portal registration, note the following

📌You will not be able to access your portal without doing the semester portal registration

📌This registration does not require you to make any payment yet

📌Please make sure when you filling your study centre be very careful anyone that want to do change of study centre can do it at this time

📌If you make a mistake of putting a wrong study centre you might not be able to change it until a new semester cos as at last semester students were not allowed to change their study centre for exam purpose which was not what it use to be

📌Be very careful about what you do on your portal when it opened for the semester

You can comment Below if you need any assistances

4 on: "What All Noun Students Need To Do As The Portal Reopen for 2018_2 session "
  1. I have not been able to register due to unavailability of network, what can I do?

  2. I bought the form but unable to registered till the portal close. pls what do I do because O can't afford to miss this semester.

  3. Pls I want to know if Noun will reopen their portal so I can register pls.

  4. Pls I am yet to register for the first semester exam ,but av registered my courses.When will the portal reopen so that I can have my TMA? Thanks