Monday, 18 December 2017

Policy on Deferment of Examinations

The Senate considered and deliberated on the report from the Committee on Deferment of Examinations. 
It noted that in the spirit of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) and the flexibility that comes with the mode, a student is qualified for deferment of examination(s).  The deferment permits a temporary postponement of participation in examination(s).
The highlights of the report include and not limited to the under listed:
Owing to the peculiarities of the Open and Distance Learning system which gives room for flexibility, students are allowed to defer their examinations as long as the following constitutions are met:
i)     Such students must have fully registered for the semester
ii)    Such students must have registered for the Examinations
iii)   Application for deferment must be received before the start of examinations
·         All applications are to be endorsed and forwarded to the Registrar through the Study Centre Directors.
·         All applications should be backed with relevant documents and a desk officer in the Registry is assigned to check the authenticity of the documents
Students whose applications are received and approved and who have paid examination registrations fees before the examinations are not to pay registration fee for the same examinations when they are ready to take them.
·         A dedicated portal would be opened within the time frame of one month before the commencement of examinations for deferment cases.
·         The request for deferment attracts no fee.
Applications for deferment as a result of emergencies such as illness, accident, death or serious of person in the immediate family or other person with whom the student has a similarly close relationship, which requires the student’s attention, etc shall be addressed at the discretion of the Management.
Whilst approving the adoption of the policy, the meeting resolved that it took effect from March, 2015.  It further mandated that copies of the said Policy be made available to members.

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