Monday, 25 September 2017

Attention 100L (SECOND SEMESTER) Students of NOUN


Attention 100L (SECOND SEMESTER) Students

Please be informed that 100level second semester   students who paid 18,000.00 as compulsory fee in their first semester will be required to pay an additional 18,000.00 (5,000.00 less 23,000.00) this semester as 41,000,00 was the compulsory fee against 18,000.00 charged due to portal malfunction.

Based on the above, you are advised to pay the sum of 36,000.00 (18,000.00 balance for last semester + 18,000.00 compulsary fee for this semester) as compulsory fee for this semester.

However, we advise that all payments and registration exercise commence from 1st week of October, 2017 as we believe that the portal would have by that time be ready for a hitch free registration exercise.

Please, be guided.

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