Thursday, 3 August 2017

NOUN E Exam 2017_1 has been postponed

EExam 2017_1 has been postponed to 23rd August 2017.
Management regret any inconveniences this might cause as a result of this change.

4 on: "NOUN E Exam 2017_1 has been postponed"
  1. Pls, what was the reason behind this postponement? And is it all the papers that has been postponed?, or the said date 3rd and 4th of August?

  2. I heard it's all the exams that have been postponed.

  3. Please Sir, what about those that took the Exam on the 3rd August 2017 or does it mean all the exams will start afresh on the 23rd August 2017?

  4. Please sir many student has taken 3 to 4 papers.please sir kindly consider them the transport stress involved.some parent even borrowed finances to give to their children to take the exams .please sir consider. I dont know what has transpired for you to postpone the exam, but please consider the student that has taken some papers Thanks the management