Thursday, 11 May 2017

how to fix NOUN website error page

It have come to our notice that some of the National Open University Of Nigeria students are facing difficulties in login their Matric No and Password.
Solution are

  1. Just try and used different browser and it will solve it..
  2.  Just make sure you clear all you caches.
  3. If the problem persist you can try and used free vpn to launch the website
With all this, you will be able to log in to your student portal.. 
Thanks. we are doing all our best to fixed this, but for now you can bear with us. 

You  can let us know more of your difficulties by commenting below ....

3 on: "how to fix NOUN website error page "
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  2. I have a balance of 2000 on my e wallet after viewing but it's not reflecting on my portal and I can't register for exams cos it's telling me insufficient fund.

    1. Same with me but this guide HERE helped me resolve the issue, Give it a try - it works!