Thursday, 19 January 2017

Noun Returning Students Registration For 2017

1. Visit the site here
2. On the Home page, go to the Menu Bar, Click "Student Login"
3. Click "Register"
4. Input Details
5. Click "Submit"

After Submission

6. Got "Login" on the Menu and Click
7. Enter Matric number and password to login
8. Goto "Manage Wallet"
9. Click "Load Wallet"
10. Enter details and amount
11. Click "Pay"
12. Copy and take your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number
to any bank branch for payment

After Payment

13. Login
14. Got "Manage Wallet"
15. Click "Check Payment Status"
16. Enter Matric Number and RRR number
17. Click "Check Wallet Payment"


18. Click "Home"
19. Click "Registration"
20. Select Semester Registration
21. Enter Details (Notr: Semester Count; your to specify the number
of compulsory fee payment made so far including present semester.)
22. Click "Submit"
23. Proceed with course and exm registration

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