Friday, 2 September 2016

Noun Closed Down Five illegal Study Centers In Lagos

The National Open University of Nigeria has revealed the closure of five illegal study centres in various parts of Lagos State.
The Media and Information director of the institution, Malam Ibrahim Sheme made the disclosure today, September 2, explaining that the decision was taken due to reports from concerned citizens.
He added that NOUN has now formed a committee whose responsibility is to monitor the activities at its study centres nationwide.
“We will continue to clamp down on the activities of such centres, whose main aim is to defraud Nigerians of their hard-earned incomes, given the economic situation in the country today.
“We just visited Lagos to monitor our centres and their operations and discovered five illegal study centres operating there.
“Anyone who wants to run a study centre must go through the due process by officially registering with the institution, subject to meeting all the laid-down criteria.
“It is not by doing it illegally or by way of fraud. Those who discuss with NOUN for such purpose are given permission to do that, after meeting the prescribed requirements.”
All those discovered to have been behind the running of the illegal study centres in the name of the institution would be facing legal action.
Sheme also condemned collaborations with the owners of some major schools within the state for allowing operators of these illegal centres to advertise such in their institutions. For this reason, school owners would also be prosecuted alongside the operators, as Sheme stressed that ignorance of the law is never an excuse.
 “These owners of such schools who allowed the centres to be cited in their school premises will also face sanctions because they ought to have made their findings.
“NOUN’s major mandate is to give access to education to all Nigerians who desire quality education, irrespective of age or social status.
“We will, therefore, not allow anyone or group of persons to infiltrate that mandate and that is why we will continue to monitor the nooks and crannies of the country to keep these people in check.”

He promised that the institution will do more to sensitise the public concerning the activities of the illegal centres and their operators while seizing the opportunity to implore the general public to be on the look out for such centres and to bring it to the institution’s attention.
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