Saturday, 16 July 2016

How to make payment to your noun portal with GTbank Online Banking

 How to used Gtbank Online banking to deposit Money into your  National Open University of Nigeria  Portal...
First and firstmost you need to go and generate RRR from your portal first, after that login into your gtbank online banking..
Note : i guess you must have being using the account to transfer before. why i say this is because you must have Hardware gadget Called TOKEN  before the transaction can be placed.

Now log in to you online banking and navigate to add service...
2.After click on add service it will show you another page where you are going to click/select REMITA PAYMENT.

 3. After that you will fill in answer to all the questions and continue.
4. Therefore you be taking back to a page look like the one below, Then click on remita Payment.
 5. Here you fill in the RRR you have generated from your portal before that you used to take to bank for payment. Just input the code here.. which look like this N123456789. and put in your name and click continue.

 6.The below page will be display where you will be able to answer the question relating to your own personal banking details. and select your account number and after that click on pay button.
7. Lastly after you have click on the pay Button it will show you a print out preview which will contain all your details. look like the page below..

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