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The Area of Concentration of GST 203 and GST 201 Of NOUN

Today i am going to share with you a tutorial on what to do on  GST 203 and 201.. Just need to let you know details about the Course, Although the Course is Zero Unit but if you care to have Distinction i think there is no big deal in that...

The Socio-Political Organisation  of the Hausa
The  Sarki  has  always  been  known  as  the  head  of  any  typical  Hausa state.
He  always  works  with  a  retinue  of  officials  in  a  well-organized court.
Sarkin Kasar, which means “ruler of the  land”, was the full title given  to  any  effective  and  efficient  head of  Hausa  State.
 The  Sarkin Kasar combined both political and religious/spiritual functions. He was also the chief executive and  judge of the  State, but he was aided by a council of state.

The Nature and Subject Matter of Philosophy
(a) What is Philosophy?
This  topic  is  to  intimate  you  with  the  controversy  associated  with  attempts  to  define  philosophy.  This topic shall introduce you to the non-univocal nature of the definitions proffered by different philosophers.

(b)What is Metaphysics?
You shall be intimated with questions concerning what metaphysic is. You shall be briefly introduced to
the views of authors like Arthur Schopenhauer, St Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle, Taylor and  some of such
other philosophers.

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