Thursday, 5 May 2016

National Open University Of Nigeria Have Win another Award

The NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA (NOUN) has been awarded an ORGANISATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN OPEN EDUCATION, during the Open Education global conference. This is just one the achievement the school as attain during the year and we have a lot more to achieve in the years to come.. and it just a pleasure to share the Good news with you here.
"The Open Education Organizational Leadership Award is presented to an organization that has shown exceptional leadership and/or groundbreaking activities in the field of open education. This is not an award that is presented annually, rather, it is awarded by the Open Education Consortium's Board of Directors by special commendation to recognize truly exceptional work," asserts Mary Lou Forward, Executive Director of Open Education Consortium (OEC).

OEC applauds NOUN's dedication to openness, access, high quality and innovation shown by its work in Open Educational Resources (OER) and its vision to make this a feature of NOUN's educational approach, as well as to share experiences and best practices with others in the region and in the world.

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