Friday, 6 May 2016

How To Calculate GPA and CGPA in National Open University of Nigeria

Today, I am going to share with you a short way to know your  GPA and CGPA at National Open University of Nigeria.. Many people get confused about the fact that they have perform poorly in the tenure at the school. so if you are the new comers. here is little things you need to know before you start gambling in the school campus.. Just sit Down and read it..
what is  GPA AND CGPA ?
GPA denotes Grade Point Average while CGPA denotes Cumulative Grade Point Average

The difference between the two lies in the fact that GPA is the standard of your academic performance in a particular semester while CGPA is the standard of your academic performance from the commencement of your programme till date.


I will use three courses to illustrate the technique in order to make it easier for you to understand.

After your TMAs and exams, your academic performance in all the courses you took in a particular semester is called GPA calculated thus:

Course 1:
Code. PHY 102
Grade. 60/100
Points. 4 points
Units. 3 units

Course 2:
Code. LAW 111
Grade. 70/100
Points. 5 points
Units. 2 units

Course 3:
Code. CIT 101
Grade. 50/100
Points. 3 points
Units. 3 units


GP for PHY 102=12, GP for LAW 111=10 , GP for CIT 101=9

GPA=total GP/total credit units=12+10+9/3+2+3=31/8=3.88

If in the next semester, you obtain a GPA of 30/7, for instance, your CGPA at that time will be 31+30/8+7=61/15=4.07


First Class (70-100) CGPA (4.5-5)

Second Class Upper (60-69) CGPA(3.5-4.49)

Second Class Lower (50-59) CGPA (2.4-3.49)

Third Class (45-49) CGPA(1.5-2.39)

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  1. You can also share this gpa calculator crafted in nigeria to your students.

  2. You can also share this gpa calculator crafted in nigeria to your students.


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  4. First of all, are they all regular courses (not AP/IB/Honors)? If so, then you calculate your GPA or CGPA through this Online CGPA Calculator:

    -An "A" is worth 4 pts; "B" is 3 pts.; "C" is 2 pts.; etc.
    -You have 5 A's and 3 B's
    -Assuming you have all regular classes, let's add now
    -4+4+4+4+4=20 (your 5 A's)
    -3+3+3=9 (your B's)
    -so all together it's 29.
    -then divide this number by the number of classes you have (which is 8)
    -29/8= 3.625
    =3.625 would be your GPA

    HOWEVER, if you do have AP/IB/Honors classes, then the scale goes like this:
    -A=5 pts. (instead of 4 pts like in a regular class)
    -B=4 pts.
    -and so on.

    then, using these numbers, you can calculate your GPA by adding and dividing like I told you earlier.

  5. Is the CGPA calculated for every two semesters or after your final year exam in the dschoo

  6. When you finish a level e.g 100L are you going to be graded on first class,second class basic before you enter 200L

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